Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Thief Lord

I held off reading The Thief Lord for a while, I was worried it would be too boring and I didn’t want to waste my money. BUT, when I found out that it was written by the author of Inkheart (now a major motion picture) I put it in my cart the moment I saw it- happily for a much discounted price!
     The Thief Lord is mainly about two characters: Prosper, who flees his aunt and uncle with his little brother; and a boy called The Thief Lord who is the head of a group of child vagrants and lives a secretive life. It has a wonderful, exiting plot with tension, danger, and blossoming interest; all set in the magical, beautiful, and mysterious city of Venice! The Thief Lord himself is a truly inspired character and is my favorite- though the other characters are very creative and loveable too! Really I love all the characters and their appearances are properly measured out.
     It has a happy ending- as a children’s book should. But I was a bit disappointed by it, mainly because the book had problems presented that were not solved in a realistic way. What are readers to do? Things worked out nicely for the characters but what if we have similar problems as the characters? What are we to do, I ask? I suppose sometimes we must live out our lives for ourselves and not get all the answers from fiction (as I find myself trying to do) for, after all, it is fiction and cannot be guaranteed to be compatible with real life.
     This is a finely written tale with plenty of intrigue, feeling, and fun. All the things that make a story wonderful! I’m amazed at how easily controlled I am. Cornelia Funke is like a magician over my mind and emotions through her writing. I hold my blue hardback copy and affectionately stroke the beautiful book-jacket. I really do love everything about it. It’s like a sparkling sapphire gem to me.
Parents may want to know that adults, in general, are portrayed negatively in this book, with few exceptions. Although one woman who is an adult (and quite influential in the story), is portrayed very well and I think adults and children would like her fairly well. Also, thieving is in fact a part of this book. Prosper dislikes the thieving very much, and though he lives off the results of it, he tried to keep his conscious as clean and he feels he can.
     There was a movie made of this book and I watched it on YouTube. It has differences from the book so, “Don’t judge a book by it’s movie!” They got incredibly perfect actors for The Thief Lord and Prosper, I could stare at them all day- I feel like such a fangirl but they really are superb. Some parts of it were a bit painful to watch (the parts that were different from the book), especially at the end when they use these really weird voices… Plus, they all have British accents which makes no sense because they are supposed to be Italian! But overall it was a pretty good movie, and worth watching for the many good parts.
     The Thief Lord one of my new favorite books- I highly recommend it! The whole time I was reading it I could think of nothing else, and I was left in a moved state even days afterwards- I don’t even know why or how to explain it. I can’t say that the same will be true for you if you read it, I’m just saying what it was like for me. I found myself having such a desire to fly to the magical city of Venice and roam the canals with The Thief Lord himself. I got much too involved in this story. I was happy when the book was happy and sad when the book was sad- it overtook me, as a good book should.

Criteria 0-10
Creative Characters: 7
Excitement: 6
Plot: 6
Interest: 7
Well-Written: 7
Emotional Involvement: 10
Mature Content: 0