Friday, September 9, 2011

Pride and Prejudice

For once, I watched the movie before I read the book. I loved the movie, so when I saw an unabridged addition of Pride and Prejudice for only 3.99 I bought it and read it!
     Pride and Prejudice is set in 18th century England, where you can almost see large manors, women in long dresses, and horse-drawn carriages. Throughout the story we follow the young Elizabeth Bennet and her four sisters as make their way through society, relationships, and romance. Elizabeth’s mother is determined that she will have each of her daughters promptly married off, and the story begins when the wealthy Mr. Bingly and his friend Mr. Darcy move to town, much to Mrs. Bennet’s delight.
     It was a good book. It could go from funny, to awkward, to romantic all in once scene! If I hadn’t seen the movie I would have never read the book, but I’m glad I did and it was better than I expected, and there are no content concerns- it’s really very moral. I always thought that type of book would be really annoying and bore me to death, but it wasn’t like that at all.
     Now I’m going to be overly harsh and negative. I’m not an Austenian (or what ever they are called) by any means, and I don’t really plan on reading any more of Jane Austen’s books. They do not have enough action, they do not involve me emotionally enough, and the trials that the characters face seem to me, nothing more than what a typical high school girl would face- not quite grand or important enough. My opinion may very well change in the future, possibly as I mature, so by all means read some of Austen’s work and decide for yourself!
     By watching the movies Becoming Jane (2007), Sense and Sensibility (BBC), and part of Emma (BBC), I have gathered that Austen’s works are quite similar and drawn form her owl life. If you read one and like it, you’ll probably like the rest- and vise versa.
     As I read a book by Leslie Ludy she began using the Pride and Prejudice romance as a reference for her views on romance/courtship/dating. I can see why, as they where very decent, guarded, and abstinent, but I really don’t see what the big deal is. It’s not just Ludy, but other’s too, for example the “Dating Mr. Darcy” Christian devotional by Sarah McArthur. (Ludy and McArthur are in fact good very good Christian authors that you should look into.) But it’s best that you do not read the book with this in mind. Just read it, and evaluate afterwards. I am in fact, a supporter of abstinence and kind of one of those courtship people, but that’s a different story, and I don’t like how people try to make a bunch of rules for romance. It’s about perspective and principles people- not rules! (Forgive me, I just had to rant a bit there.)
     Now to discuss the 2005 movie version of Pride and Prejudice. I think most would agree that this is the best video dramatization of the story yet. It’s become a favorite of mine because the actors where perfect, it was exceptionally well done, and it perfectly captured the book, even with it’s few small differences. When I read the book I was actually disappointed that a few things that where in the movie where not in the book, but I don’t think any of those things are all that noticeable to purists. I definably recommend watching it, especially if you find the book hard to follow.
     I know a lot of people love it and think Pride and Prejudice is great, but if you’ve read my other reviews you know this sort of thing just isn’t my taste. It was a long, but I read it quickly enough, which means I enjoyed it fairly enough. It’s a complement in itself when I choose to read a book all the way through!

Criteria 1-10
Creative Characters: 6
Excitement: 2
Plot: 7
Interest: 6
Well-Written: 9
Emotional Involvement: 6
Mature Content : 0