Thursday, March 8, 2012

Movie Review: Hugo

Used with permission, image credit: "ashlinglily"

One evening I came in from playing with our dog, and to my surprise, saw the  DVD menu of Hugo on the television screen. I was so happy, because I love watching movies and though I knew little about it, I suspected this would be a good one. Well I can tell you one thing, I was right!
     This film is absolutely spectacular. The camera work, the settings, and lighting are incredibly beautiful and superb. I fell in deep romance with the colors and lighting, it’s worth watching just for that. Set in 1930’s France, the movie has a bit of a Steampunk air, which for this movie I like very much, as it is not in the least overdone. Though there are not a whole lot of brightly-lit scenes in this film, it is not gloomy.
Normally, before I see a movie I know a lot about it. But with this… all I had seen was the trailer, which told very little as to what the movie was even about. So in case you know nothing about this movie, as I did, here is all you need to know: it is about an orphan boy who lives by himself in a train station, who befriends a girl and is involved in a mysterious plot . And I shall tell you no more! It is better that you find out as you watch the movie.
     I cannot think of a single negative aspect of this movie. It was engaging, with a wide audience range, well-done, meaningful, and fun. I rarely like the co-star girls in movies, but in Hugo I thought she was simply wonderful. She made the movie shine, played an important part, and actually had some CHARACTER. Many movies fail to give character to the girl roles, but not this movie!
     This is an extremely clean movie, absolutely nothing wrong with it. In fact, it has some excellent good messages. There is some lovely dialogue, but one quote sticks out in the back of my mind like gold-leaf etching on the cover of a book. Standing in a clock tower overlooking Paris, Hugo says to his friend,  “I'd imagine the whole world was one big machine. Machines never come with any extra parts, you know. They always come with the exact amount they need. So I figured, if the entire world was one big machine, I couldn't be an extra part. I had to be here for some reason.” This, I think, is what the entire movie revolves around. This profound thought is what all of mankind needs to recognize. God put each and every one of us here on earth for a purpose, there are no extra parts.
     I highly recommend this film, buy it, WATCH IT!

Criteria          1-10
Creative Characters: 10
Excitement: 8
Plot: 9
Interest: 10
Well-Written: 10