Thursday, May 22, 2014

Story Sparks #1

Just a few scraps from my writing notebook... 

You can use these ideas but rephrase them in your own words. If you use the exact idea credit me, but if you use your own version of the idea no credit required!


"You know, nobody's gonna want to marry you with a name like that."
"Good, 'cause I don't wanna marry nobody."

"He sorta covers up his emotional side with his crazy side."

“People die every day. I can't care about all of them, so I might as well care about none of them.”

“What's the matter with you?” she asked.
His eyes were bloodshot. “I'm having another existentialist crisis.”
She reeled back and slapped him in the face. “Better?”
He shrugged, rubbing his check. “Yes actually."

"If you don't like yourself that means you have some good in you. Only bad people totally like themselves." (I feel like this is inspired by some quote but idk.)

"He's the kind of trouble-maker that will scratch every single one of your DVDs and CDs on both sides."

Plot Ideas

A millionaire brags that it is only laziness that keeps people from being rich, and that he could start with nothing and be a millionaire in a year if he wanted to. Someone challenges him to prove just that. The stakes? Whoever loses gives the other all of their money and stock market shares. The millionaire takes the bet.

A teen who has a hobby of breaking into houses and businesses and leaving them a piece of chocolate. He gets a kick out of sneaking in places, but just wants to have fun so he doesn’t steal anything.

A wealthy man and his butler switch places

A hedonistic rockstar is forced to take care of his sister's foster child for a month.


  1. Hello! I just found your blog through Pinterest (I enjoyed your post on the 10 Worst Story Openings) and thought I'd have a look around.

    I love reading through writing prompts, especially when I'm between stories or in a rut. A quick note on plagiarism, though: As far as I know, once you put a prompt out there for people to use (when you say people can "take it and run with it" if they like a Story Spark), I believe you waive any copyright or credit right, even if it's direct dialogue. If you'd like people to use these ideas but rephrase them in their own words, rather than take them verbatim, you might want to make that explicitly clear.

    1. Thanks very much!

      And thanks for the advice on that!


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