Saturday, June 21, 2014

Story Sparks #2

Just a few scraps from my writing notebook...

You can use these ideas but rephrase them in your own words. If you use the exact idea credit me, but if you use your own version of the idea no credit required!


“Why don’t you ever want to hang out?”
“Because good company corrupts bad morals.”

"I believe in freedom of choice--If you don't choose I shoot you. If you choose wrong I shoot you."

"I trust the inaccuracy of my instinct more than I trust the correctness of yours."
"Wow, that's low self esteem."

"It's easy to give your death, try giving your life."

"Sometime I say things I don't mean to say things I do mean but don't know how to say."

"Are you married?"

"What do you do for a living?"
"Erm...I'm a taser tester."
"So I guess you're rich, huh?"

Plot Ideas

A depressed wealthy man picks up a hitchhiker and ends up traveling with him across the country.

"A few classmates were fresh out of jail and others were bound for top universities. [And one was both.]" –Salman Khan quote I modified to make interesting.

A makeup artist who also happens to be a sniper. (This may or may not have been inspired by the fact that Jeremy Renner used to be a makeup artist.)

An actor who kind of hates himself and all of his roles and is tired of being famous. And perhaps he falls in love with a girl who hates him as the celebrity version of himself. (Vaguely inspired by Robert Pattinson.)


We ran through the feilds, crushing butterflies beneath our feet
The sun made the freckles on my back shine brighter
And the balmy wind still makes goose bumps on my skin when I'm alone.

The exotic aroma of raspberry tea rises in smoky steam, a burst of spice and sweetness.
Warmth from the fairy-floral painted cup seeps into my bony fingertips.
The cascading winds of the night have stilled and the gaping sky bursts with the afternoon sun.
Flutters brush by my window, with fragile wings colored by chalk dust in shades of goldenrod and tangerine.
The butterflies have come out to taste the dew drops.

"ENTER for a free vacation to jail!"


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