Monday, July 14, 2014

Story Sparks #3

Just a few scraps form my writing notebook...

You can use these ideas but rephrase them in your own words. If you use the exact idea credit me, but if you use your own version of the idea no credit required!


"Live by the sword die by the sword."
"That's why I use a gun."

"Don't forget to dot your T's and cross your I's"

"How can I fix the world when I can't even fix myself?"

"I've got a problem and I need to be able to get advice on the problem without the fact that I have the problem being criticized."

"Always forgive. Never forget."

"When I die I plan to take all my secrets with me, not leave them scattered about."

"Don't inflict your nostalgia on me. I've lived too much of poverty to romanticize it."

"I didn't do it."
"You mean you're not the one who made the explosion?"
"Oh, that. Come to think of it I may have had something to do with it."
"Something to do with it?"
"Well, partially responsible."
"Partially responsible?"
"Alright, largely responsible."
"Okay, it was all me. Me me me! I did it! and I'm not ashamed of it either. Hahaha."

"People are like electronics: they only act how you want them to if you treat them gently."
"I once had a DVD player that would only work if you hit it."

"I am always happy when I wake up and find I'm still alive. Especially with you around."

Plot Ideas

Someone changes their birth certificate by a year so they are charged as a minor and don't have to go to adult prison.

Rent-A-Date: There's a service that will rent out dudes to take on a date who will pretend they are your new boyfriend. A girl rents a date to avoid the rampage of people always trying to get her to hook up when she has to go to a family event. She ends up falling in love witht he rent-a-a-date. (After I thought of this I realized movies similar to that have been done before, but whateve.)

Guy gets amnesia, but ends up living a happy life for a few year, until he finds out that he used to be someone else. This leads him on an emotional roller coaster as he searches for clues about his past life. (Thought this up a long time ago, now it sounds rather like a Bourne movie to me now.)


At night, the dock was a gallery of lights reflecting on the lake.

The sun made the clouds aureate and coated the earth in melancholy beauty.

Periwinkle fields on a grey day.

A house made of doors.

Neon signs flashing on cracked wet pavement as a 40's song plays in the distance.


Skies scarred with jet plane trails.

Blinded by the darkness

I will print out a picture of the sun and hang it on the stars for you

Winged lions with cashmere skin

Trees rush past your shifting starry eyes