Friday, November 21, 2014

5 Ways to See Your Novel Through

1. Identify Distractions
     What is keeping you from writing? Social media? Homework? Family? Watching too much TV? Maybe it’s several things, but once you identify the problem, you can make a concerted strategy to keep those things from cutting out your writing time. If it’s social media, sign out, unplug, and turn off your cell phone or wifi. For example, one of my main distractions is school, but if I would just stop being such a perfectionist things would go a lot faster. Another distraction is social media, but if I would stop looking at every single post and start ending chat conversations a bit earlier, I could free up some more time...

I had the privilege to guest post on Imogen Elvis' blog, and my article there might help you get through the long haul in NanoWriMo or just finishing your book!